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I want my child to systematically learn abilities affected by ths symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

  • Meticulously tailored program for children with developmental challenges like autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Exercises expertly designed to accommodate each child's current abilities and areas of motivation
  • Personalized therapy experience aimed at unlocking your child's communication potential

My child has or may have a language delay or disorder and I would like to learn about its impact and the available solutions

  • Tailored sessions meticulously crafted for students, regardless of language impairments
  • Designed to expedite the acquisition of progressively sophisticated language skills
  • Seamless integration with special education services for addressing challenges in reading and writing
  • Experience the pinnacle of language therapy with us
  • I need to teach social skills to a teenager or young adult who is under my care however with significant difficulties in social communication

    • Highly-specialized, individualized social communication training programs
    • Comprehensive training tailored for teenagers and young adults
    • Personalized strategies designed by experts to enhance social interaction and communication
    • A supportive environment for teenagers and young adults to thrive and develop essential social skills
    • Explore a tailored approach if other avenues have not yielded desired results

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    Case Review and Family Assessment
    Therapy Sessions

    When direct intervention is recommended (online or in person), the general structure is followed:

    Training for home implementation and Ongoing Support

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    Decades of experience working with families such as yours, added to the areas of expertise available within our team enable us to best serve you and your family in the following ways.

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    Comprehensive solutions for different needs

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    $ 7,000

    Save 30%

    $ 4,900

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    $ 9,264

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    $ 6,490

    Premium Plan

    $ 11,285

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    $ 7,900

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    What our customers are saying

    Fareed Alshami
    Honestly, some of the best care ive ever received to this day. 100% recommended
    Ana Hernandez
    I love the speach therapist they really understand my daughter and children
    Thomas Brunner
    Daniel Quinones, and his True Potential organization offer some of the most cutting edge services that are offered in the Southwest. We are very lucky to have this organization in Tucson. I have worked with over 100 health care practitioners who offer Autism, and speech/language related services, and Daniel and his Team are among the best. I first met Daniel over 10 years ago, and from the start, he impressed me as a forward thinking, highly innovative thinker, who was focused on using the most evidence based treatment. I rarely give reviews that are this laudatory, but Daniel has earned my deepest respect. We need more Big Picture practitioners like Daniel. He is now earning a doctorate, and I continue to be amazed at his energy and Vision.
    question about therapy true potential company based on Tucson in USA

    Questions about therapy?

    Evidence suggests that interventions should:

    Target new skills that are:

    • Age appropriate or functional, or the subskills which make learning more complex behavior possible. 
    • Evidence on ASD interventions suggests that the application of Applied Behavior Analysis processes and tools when teaching specific skills within a given curriculum, can increase the speed at which new concepts are learned and systrmatically teach more complex behavior through the use of a controlled and closely monitored process through which new ideas are taught (i.e. Discrete Trial Teaching). 

    Give us a call at +1 520 300-5585 or email us at tpevaluations18@gmail.com, and we will schedule a 15-minute phone call with one of the specialists in our team who through a friendly, non-invasive conversation will determine the best way to conduct an initial assessment in order to investigate that which matters to you and your family,

    There are some things we know have an influence on how much therapy your family needs. These may include:

    The age of the individual, and severity of the impairing manifestations of ASD.

    The ability of people in the life of the individual to learn and apply adequate interventions.

    The selection and frequent adaptation of interventions to best fit current learning needs.

    Asking questions, being actively involved, and eventually becoming an expert in your intervention plnn can greatly enhance its impact therefore decreasing the time it takes to teach new skills. However we understand not all parents can be involved as much or in the manner they would like to, and we do our best to support any effort they make to improve that part of their family life.

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